Smok Novo Cigarettes For A Longer Lasting Vaping Experience

Smok Novo

Smok Novo Cigarettes For A Longer Lasting Vaping Experience

When the golden honeycomb/cocoon pattern was a recent trend creeping up slowly in most of Smok mods during the last year, the Smok Novo was the initial such pod-style case to create full usage of this shape, creating it very unique in its smaller size category. It includes a flat top that’s covered in clear acrylic, and an elegant textured bottom plate. Even though textured bottom plate of all of these is removable, the top plate, in particular, can’t. If you need to simply dress up your Smok Mod without changing the complete case, it is possible to – that’s what the Electric Tobacconist Coupon “take away the top plate” function does. However, if you need to change the entire setup, that’s best finished with one of the numerous Smok Mod cases available in the market.

Apart from the standard oval holes for the power and ground wires, there are also some additional holes on the back of the device, that allows for a few easy compatibility with other Smok Novo accessories. For example, some people would rather use their Reapoo Jitterbug combined with the Smok Novo, since the two use almost the same power source, despite the different connectors. Even when you prefer to use the power connectors by itself, it is possible to always utilize these pods, which replace the standard connectors of all devices.

To assist you in compatibility troubleshooting, I’m listing down one of the most common upgrades you could get for your original novo pod kit. A lot of them are plentiful on Amazon or eBay. The most notable ones are:

o Pod Systems – Most people choose the original novo device on the advanced version because it offers an easier cleaning process. The new version eliminates the need of another cleaning tool. A Smok Novo Pro lets you clean your devices in exactly the same device and not be worried about having to separate the device into two devices. All you have to accomplish is unscrew the pod from the initial device and attach the new one.

o Replacement Batteries – Most notes come with a single-year warranty. To increase this warranty, just purchase genuine replacement batteries. The manufacturers usually provide detailed information on how to install them. Replacing the batteries yourself voids the warranty. You will have to pay extra for the batteries.

o Low Voltage Adapter – If your Smok Novo will not have a built-in low voltage adapter, buy one. This useful accessory allows you to connect your devices with different voltage levels. That is important especially if you’re using cell phones or digital cameras. A low voltage adapter might cost you a little extra money but it is worth the amount of money since you may use it for many years to come.

o BATTERY Boost – The ability to raise the wattage allows more power for the dollar. There are many forms of batteries including nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and lithium ion. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. A high wattage VW Mod should provide a longer-lasting smoking experience. Alternatively, a low wattage mod that runs on the lithium ion battery will be able to give you longer-lasting vapor.

Since you can plainly see, there are several factors that needs to be considered when investing in a Smok Novo. The very first thing to consider is the size of these devices. Its diameter should be larger than the widest part of your average finger. If you want to use the device while it is still hot, you must have a device with a larger wattage. Take into account also that an individual who would buy a Smok Novo will most likely utilize the device as their only source of cigarettes.